Silicone Pipes

Silicone Water Pipes and Rigs are a great alternative to glass. Planet R.Y.O. is proud to feature top brands like Waxmaid in our inventory.

Hard to Tear and Shattering is Rare’
Silicone Pipes don’t shatter! Glass inserts and stems excluded. Although these water pipes tend to feature silicone stems as well.
The silicone used to create these pipes is very durable and tough to tear.

Tons of Combinations!
If you like switching things up, these pipes should be in your collection. Many pipes can be disassembled and reassembled in various ways. Others have additional gadgets and each one is creatively engineered.

Artistic Designs!
Silicone pipes are creatively design in various ways. Aside from the engineering and multi-function designs, some pipes are beveled or 3-D sculpted with designs. Other pipes are printed with graphic arts (urban, sugar skull, comic collages, etc.).

Easy to Clean!
No need to use glass cleaner. That stuff can eat through the silicone. Instead clean these with regular household dish soap and water.

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