Custom Blends

Custom Blends Tobacco has a variety of tobacco flavors and blends to satisfy the cravings of all smokers.

Our Premium Cigarette Tobacco uses the top and middle leaf of the tobacco plant to reduce stems and receive a better, higher quality smoke.

While we can’t say additive free, we can say we take pride in also reducing the amount of chemicals and sprays on our tobacco. No pesticides, no herbicides, just good Farm Fresh Tobacco!

Another overlooked benefit of Custom Blends Tobacco is the packaging! We actually care about the tobacco you smoke. Of course it zips, it also has no windows and foiled inside to keep the tobacco safe from drying up too fast.


Cigarette Tobacco shipping is available in PA only. If you would like to purchase Custom Blends Tobacco as a wholesaler contact 1-888-BLEND-ME or visit Custom Blends Website.