Roll Your Own Tobacco

Our stores gained popularity due to our selection of High-Quality Premium Cigarette Tobacco options and supplies. We enjoy promoting smoking fresh, unfiltered tobacco absent of excessive chemicals and additives.

Try our Signature ‘Custom Blends’ R.Y.O. Cigarette Tobacco
We feature our own signature brand, Custom Blends® Roll Your Own Farm Fresh Tobacco, with 9 blends to choose from targeting the tastebuds of every tobacco connoisseur.

If you live outside of PA we cannot ship Custom Blends Tobacco. You will need to order R.Y.O. Pipe Tobacco instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Custom Blends Cigarette Tobacco shipping is currently available in PA only. We are looking into obtaining credentials to add availability to more states. If you would like to request the sale of Custom Blends in your state please fill out our quick form (click here).
Wholesale buyers can purchase Custom Blends nationwide. If you would like to purchase Custom Blends Tobacco as a wholesaler fill out our registration form.

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Showing all 10 results