Galaxy Journey


The Galaxy Journey is a portable vaporizer made from Galaxy Enails. The journey has all the features one will need. From digital temperature settings, and adjustable shut off timings (30-99 seconds). This product is equipped with a rechargeable (USB-C) base, glass attachment, ceramic dish, quartz dish, carb cap and silicone tether and 2 atomizers. A silicone dab container and a dab tool are added as extra bonuses!

This product also comes with a manufacturer 1-year warranty.

Turn on the device by clicking the button 5 times.
Change it’s auto-shutoff time by pressing the +/- buttons. Otherwise the device will automatically choose it’s default timing.
Adjust your heat settings by clicking button additional 2 times, and then use the +/- buttons to get to your desired temperature.
Click the button 2 more times to start the cycle before vaping.
Power device off by clicking the button 5 times.

Quick Heat Up Time
Glass attachment
Rechargeable Base (USB-C)
Digital Temperature Settings
Adjust Shutoff Times
Quartz & Ceramic Dishes
Quartz Carb Cap
Dab Tool w/ Container

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