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How to Roll Your Own Cigarettes

How to roll your own cigarettes

Rolling your own cigarettes is a fairly simple process that can save smokers a ton of money. You can roll a pack of cigarettes in minutes and spend less than $80 to get started.

In this guide we will cover how to roll your own cigarettes. We discuss what you need to get started and the steps it takes using a standard crank rolling machine.

What You Need

In order to roll your own cigarettes you need 3 main supplies: tobacco, tubes and a cigarette rolling machine.

All can be bought for under $80 through our online smoke shop.

Our supplies

How to roll your own cigarettes

Step 1 – Packing your tobacco 

The first step is finding your preferred tobacco. We have a variety of blends to choose from; Custom Blends Cigarette Tobacco and R.Y.O. Pipe Tobacco.

A typical cigarette contains 0.7 grams of tobacco. Although, we typically don’t weigh out our tobacco.

Place your tobacco into the bucket of your rolling machine. Pack your tobacco in the edges more than the center.

Pro tip: Don’t pack it too tight. This could jam your machine or create a dense cigarette that is hard to burn.

Pro tip 2: Packing your cigarette too loosely can make it burn unevenly or too quickly. You’ll find your happy medium.


Step 2 – Place Your Tube on the Injector Nozzle

On the side of your machine you’ll see a nozzle, or tube holder. Usually with an angled edge to allow the tube to easily slide on and off without tear.

Place your tube all the way on this nozzle. Pressed against the side of your machine.


Step 3 – Turn the Handle/Crank

Self explanatory step. While your tobacco is packed in the machine bucket, and with your cigarette tube placed on the injector nozzle. Give the handle a full crank.

The crank pushes the injector through the nozzle and tobacco into your tube. Sliding your cigarette off in one simple turn.

Extra Steps

Sometimes your tobacco is unevenly packed or packed too tight. These two problems can be easily be fixed.

For cigarettes packed too tightly, roll the cigarette through your finger tips to loosen up the blockage.

For cigarettes with an uneven or loose roll, tap the filter end of the cigarette down onto a hard surface such as a table or chair arm

Sometimes doing both of these steps is necessary, or becomes habitual to the process.