Custom Blends Tobacco – Blend 21 – Ultra Mellow (6oz. bag)


Type: Ultra Mellow

Tobaccos: Mild Burleys, Golden Virginias

Strength: Ultra Mellow

Save money when you roll-your-own!

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You save: $41.50

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Try our signature Custom Blends Farm Fresh Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco

Our accomplished and continued mission is to provide cigarette smokers with a better alternative. True Premium Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco, grandfathered by the FDA and here to stay.

The Cut

Our farm fresh tobacco is cut from the mid and top of the leaf of the plants to avoid excess sticks and stems. It is processed only as much as necessary to grow and cure the leaves.

The Blend

Custom Blends represents the mixtures of tobaccos used within each blend. Blend 21 features: Mild Burleys & Golden Virginias.

The Bag

Our blends are then packaged in our new windowless, foiled, zip-sealed bags to preserve the farm fresh feeling as long as you need it. Just store the sealed bags in room temperature and it should stay fresh for months!

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