Custom Blends Tobacco Blend #1 – Regular Mellow


Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco – Blend #1 – Regular Mellow

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend #1 is a Regular Mellow flavored roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. Enjoy the benefits of roll-your-own cigarette tobacco by drastically reducing the chemicals within your cigarettes. Our tobacco is ‘Farm Fresh’ straight from the farm to the consumers. Roll-Your-Own Tobacco also has the additional financial benefit that can save the average Pennsylvanian consumer over $2,000/year per smoker!

If you don’t smoke, don’t start. But if you do smoke, smoke smart!



Custom Blends #1 is a mellow tobacco blend of Light Virginia and Burley tobaccos giving a very clean, mild mannered flavor with the taste of true premium tobaccos.

Our Price: $32.50

Comparable Price: $80.00

You Save: $47.50

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Weight .375 lbs