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Planet R.Y.O BT Cab 16-9


Beginning as early as 1993 Planet R.Y.O. was sponsoring concerts and bringing in national acts. In addition Planet R.Y.O. did our best to foster local musicians. One of those partnerships resulted in BT Cab and this CD entitled Dreams.

When the COVID Pandemic hit everyone was impacted however musicians and those in live entertainment are one of the most damaged industries in America. Since the very beginning of the pandemic virtually ALL concerts and live recording events have CEASED. Not temporarily halted and resumed during the summer, but halted with NO breaks.

Most of the industry’s workers are pay per event, or independent contractors and have no safety net to help with bills, medical costs, or even food. We contacted the musicians with BT Cab with a proposal to remaster this music, which has never been released since the very first printing back in 1998.

In these remastered versions the music is transformed from simply great written little ditties to the musical powerhouses we knew they were when they were recorded almost 24 years ago.

The vocals now shine! The incredible bass playing from Michael is pure and brilliant and outstanding and sorely sorely missed by York PA!

The guitars (Brian Pearson and Tom D) are sharp and perfect and blend like harmonized voices due to the most unique tunings and chords this Producer has EVER seen!

The drums, provided by Sam Panther (who now has a dazzling career in Arizona) are solid, diesel like, powerful without being juvenile despite the size of the biggest guy in the band laying it down.

This remaster of this music is this year’s project that gives us the most joy. The thumb in the COVID Eye. This is our “Put this in your spike protein and smoke it!”!

We have things to see and people to do…or something like that…. and as soon as this virus is defeated we are going to throw one HELL of a concert, take a deep breath, and say “WTF! THAT WAS A TRIP!”

Love y’all!

– Mark and Frances Tucci